MOTORHOME COVERS. OUTDOOR two heights; and WINDSCREEN COVERS to use when parked

We manufacture our covers from our own patterns, or accurately from dimensional details which we acquire. Thus we always achieve an excellent fit.

Sometimes also known as camper covers or motor caravan covers.

All our motorhome covers now include coloured corner pockets, as shown in these pictures.

coloured pockets

The pictures show you the green pockets (front) and red pockets (back) and how a lifting pole can be inserted.

Outdoor covers tailor-made available as full height or roof only.

Full Height Tailor-Made Motorhome Covers
Full height: Tailor-Made
Roof Height Tailor-Made Motorhome Cover
Roof Only: Tailor-Made
Motorhome Windscreen Cover
Windscreen Covers
Optional Extras for Motorhome Cover
Optional Extras

We also make a range of windscreen covers for van-based motorhomes and coachbuilts; also A-class, although you may have to visit us so we can take a pattern.

They are held in place with the doors, hanging over the top rear corner; so of course they also cover the door windows, like this: Motorhome Windscreen Cover

We make them double layer with insulation between, or single layer.

motorhome front seat cover. Front Seat Covers motorhome steering wheel cover. Steering Wheel Covers

We think we might have missed a sale here ! Motorhome on a bicycle

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